At the beginning of this semester I was primarily focused on making my blog pretty and easy-to-read. I did this by including GIF moving images which brought the pages to life, as well as writing in a conversational tone intending to engage readers.  In an essay titled “Zero Comments: Blogging and Critical Internet Culture” the … Continue reading

My life with screens

Only after we discussed the prevalence of screens in public life have I actually taken the time to look around and notice them. Yesterday I visited the Ikea store in Tempe to see the new Spring layouts… as anyone who has been to Ikea can attest, you never just go to look… but that’s a … Continue reading

This is the INTERNET!

My issue with anti-piracy campaigners is that they send messages in the form of advertisements saying “This film/song/ebook is not to be missed!”, “You must get your hands on this immediately!” etc…. But once they find out that consumers are smart enough to sidestep the middleman, then there’s a problem. If you put something out … Continue reading

Capitalising on fandom

In delving deeper into the topic of fandom this week, I found that there were a lot of criticisms surrounding the hype that accompanies any popular object of teen worship. Parents and teachers are quick to dismiss the importance of teen fandom as phases of which will be grown out of. However Peter Gutierrez, author … Continue reading

The disengagement of youth from politics

In the report aptly titled “Television News, Politics and Young People: Generation Disconnected?” it is studied whether or not the disengagement of young people from traditional politics has been seen as a result of their wider withdrawal from traditional television news programmes. The report concludes that that disengagement from television news and current affairs programmes … Continue reading

TV series that transcend generations

When I interviewed my mother about her viewing habits as a child, there was really only one show that stood out in her memory… and that was the Brady Bunch. Yes, the show that has provided western society with so many good parodies and punch lines was indeed my Mum’s favourite show. And she was … Continue reading

The role of cinema in 1960s suburbia

Before starting university, I was called to be part of a jury panel on a trial that ran for four weeks. The nature and details of the crime are not relevant to this blog post, however the location of the crime was Oatley cinema circa 1965. During my time on the panel I heard lots … Continue reading